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The Photo Brigade teamed up with YPA and PhotoShelter to bring you panel discussion with photographer Robert Caplin, photo editor Elizabeth Griffin and Karen D'Silva of Agency Access.
The panel was moderated by
PhotoShelter CEO Andrew Fingerman.
Since finishing the YPA program in 2012 I have gone fully freelance and I am now working all over the UK as a commercial and editorial portrait photographer for various publications and brands. I have had some amazing opportunities off the back of the YPA program to provide images for… Discover
Since my mentorship with the Young Photographers Alliance concluded, I have been fortunate enough to be presented with a slew of incredible opportunities and accolades. Last December, I won Young Travel Photographer of the Year 2013—an international competition judged by museum curators and magazine editors. This is the second time. John Lund asks YPA's Co-founder how the organization can offer a helping hand to emerging photographers. You have a long history in the photography business. Can you share with us some highlights of your photography career? I founded a company called nonstock with Janou Pakter, who was also my co-partner… There have been many talented mentees, scholarship winners and portfolio reviewees over the years, stunning mentors and other judging committees with their depth of artistic maturity and vision. But how have they progressed since then? In this new series, Where Are They Now, a photographer from years past will be…

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